Information:diet is good for health especially osteoporosis patients

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    Information:diet is good for health especially osteoporosis patients

It is known that osteoporosis patients need to need to rely on a particular system of nutrition that help to increase the proportion of calcium and vitamin " D " in the body , and thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

So we offer our visitors an important day diet and works to raise the ratio of calcium and vitamin " d " and the most important causes of the disease and how to avoid injury and I hope it will be the subject of useful to you.

The most important types of food that contain a high rate of calcium and vitamin " d " are:
1 - barley , oats, sesame tahini and molasses .
2 - exposure to sunlight to activate the process of manufacturing vitamin " d "
3 - dairy products and cheese , yogurt, especially skimmed .
4 - fish such as sardines and salmon ( with bones full ) , tuna and mackerel .
5 - crustaceans such as shrimp .
6 - broccoli , onion, garlic and soy .
7 - dark-colored vegetables such as leeks , radishes , watercress, parsley , mint , grape leaves , mallow , okra .

 important tips :

- Do not eat whole grains with calcium-rich foods as eating bread and cheese with toast Age . - Reduce the intake of almonds , beets, rhubarb , spinach because they contain a large amount of oxalic acid , which reduces the absorption of calcium . - Reduce the intake of salt , sugar and coffee . - Reduce the intake of foods containing yeast, such as it baked. - Avoid soft drinks and alcohol . - Avoid excessive intake of animal protein .

The risk factors that lead to the disease : -

The most important factors that lead to increased incidence of osteoporosis are:

* Genetic factors for the disease in the presence of family members .
* The use of some medications.
* Women are most susceptible to the disease than men * lack of calcium and vitamin " d " in food.
* Age.
* Lack of exercise .
* Smoking.
* Weak physical infrastructure .
* Post- menopause.
Method of occurrence of the disease :

Unlike bone Matbdo it is the members of the active and energetic and constantly replenished
Throughout human life through the process of demolition and building bone cells through a dedicated
In case there is a natural balance between the process of demolition and construction , and the disease arises when
Upset the balance in favor of demolition only .
Osteoarthritis symptoms in children :

Of the main symptoms of osteoporosis in children walking and delayed developments for natural growth and also the emergence of some of the features in the hands and legs , or at the end of the bones and ankles and sometimes in the head shall be head size larger than normal.

It is advisable to healthy nutrition and focus on the protein , and stay away from soft drinks , and the exposure of the child to the sun is harmful , in addition to exercise and movement since childhood .

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